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I have several Fleischmann and Roco steam engines that do not seem to fit the standard DCC decoder installation processes. I also have two Liliput engines equipped with a decoder plug that I cannot get to work. The electrical system for these engines does not appear to be of the streightforward type found in American manufactured engines. Would appreciate any suggestions or assistance.

Thanks, Bob Hickman

-- Bob Hickman (, May 11, 2000


Hi Bob. I use (and sell) Zimo-systems. It is, made in Austria, considered the Cadillac of DCC. It is around for over 20 Years and fully NMRA compatible. I use Zimo decoders in Roco engines with no problems. With every decoder a wiring diagram is included. So You should be able to hook it up to any engine even oldones. Have a look at this website: Good luck Art

-- Art Luescher (, March 12, 2001.

hi im from belgium and i have some problem to set old models fleischmann in dcc with uhlenbrock becaue the motor has a connection to a rail throut the wheel do you have this problen too or is it an other , whith this problem i ve burned 2 decoder (short circuit)between power and pwm motor command do you have found a solution for this problem???

-- dahner jean claude (, October 23, 2003.

You need to make sure that all connections on the motor shield between the brushes and the rest of frame are seperated. This will require to cut small grooves in the metal surface of older motor shields, or finding the little connection on newer ones. The first conversion is a pain, but once you ahve done it, the rest will be easier.


-- Ulrich Albrecht (, March 22, 2004.

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