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I acquired a older Miller gas welder generator. It is a 1967 Miller model AD-225L,serial#s408401. It has a kohler engine model K662HS. I found a book on the engine, but I can't find one for the welder even from miller.I can't quite get the governor linkage right,and the generator puts out to many volts. Anyone know where i can buy a book for this machine? or anyone have any drawings or info? thanx

-- Paul Tweten (twetenism@aol.com), May 11, 2000



From what I understand, this is not a resistance welder. This Q-A group tries to focus on them :).

A good place to ask for help with your question is the sci.engr.joining.welding Newsgroup. You can get to it over the web at:

http://www.deja.com/qs.xp?OP=dnquery.xp&ST=MS&DBS=2&QRY=sci.engr.joini ng.welding

Good Luck!

-- Sam Snow (snowsam@auburn.edu), May 11, 2000.

Have this machine the motor is in excellent condition but it wont weld can you help me out any I think it need bushen thank LULA miller rough neck

-- lula dean (SPARKS30@DIXIE-NET.COM), August 26, 2001.

Powells bookstore in Portland Oregon It is the biggest book store in the world If they dont' have it no one does.

-- tyson breska (tbogg@hotmail.com), October 16, 2002.

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