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I found, through a long search and time spent on the phone with Sony's parts supply center, that the AC-D4L AC adaptor mentioned in the manual for this recorder is no longer available. Instead, they told me to find a generic adaptor at, say, Radio Shack, for 800 Mega (?, the guy didn't know what this meant), negative polarity. Just in case anyone is looking for the Sony adaptor itself, this may save time. I guess they do not have plans to provide accessory support for this particular product. I've had good results with batteries, but they're expensive to keep replacing, so I'll try this generic adaptor.

-- Robert Brown (, May 11, 2000


To follow up, I found the 6 volt, 800 mA adaptor at Radio Shack. You get along with it a free connector plug-head to fit the recorder's adaptor socket (I tried several; Radio Shack's "N" size seemed best, but bring your recorder along to the store to get the right fit). Its polarity (negative in this case) depends on how you connect the plug-head to the cable (the polarity is marked on the plug itself; you match the minus sign with the mark on the cable). Works great, and it's cheaper than the Sony equipment was (when it was still available).

-- Robert Brown (, May 12, 2000.

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