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Liz and Mckenna shared some interesting examples of using creative anchors---Liz with her power suit, Mckenna with her husbands motorcross gloves/goggles. Does anyone have other examples? What do you think makes these types of anchors so powerful?

-- Anonymous, May 11, 2000



I had the opportunity to use a circle of excellence immediately after an employee discovered that her co-worker had committed sucide... yes, it was rather a long process to achieve; took 90 minutes. However, of all the employees counselled, she has made the best recovery. She tied her circle to a stretchy bracelet of milky tiger eye beads. She wore them to a union meeting where a "show of force" was set to keep her from reporting an illegal event. She marched right through the group, made a very good point during the interview, and marched right out through the group of about 9 men. I was really proud of her! She keeps the bracelet for work, somewhat on an intuitive basis. Somehow she knows ahead of time to put it on. She has since added a blue lapis bracelet and one of white mother of pearl. On difficult days, I find she has on all 3. Usually this represents a major union meeting during which she presented herself really well.

-- Anonymous, June 09, 2000

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