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Is any way to create a VideoCD which contenet only MP2 music without the video?? there are a lots of MP3 CDs around but too bad it is only for computer. So i would like to ask if it is possible to create on Audio only VCD. the reason is if only Audio track is recorded. It can store > 8 hours of music!! think of that.... almost every household have vcd player. If this thing can work!! well, it's a wonder but there are standard which have to be followed for making VCD. Does anyone know how to crack it or modify it to build only Audio track? any help????? suggestions

-- Patrick (, May 11, 2000


Yes Patrick, I came up with this concept a few months ago. Here is the idea(I have not tried this yet) You need Video Pack 4.0, 1. Create a menu page 2. Import a plain black background 3. You can have the name of the song as text 4. Import you MP2 audio file (MP3 will not work, VPack 4 can convert from WAV) Hope this helps and let me know how it works for you

-- Jay (, May 11, 2000.

Hallo, I realize my first MP2 collection this wek, well played on my Pioneer 535 DVD home player. The quality (I encoded at 224 kbit/sec) is exellent, no way to realize if the original or not. Procedure: Rip the audio tracks from Audio cd, obtaining a lot of WAV files. Use TMPEnc compressor (freeware) and select 'New project'. Insert the single WAV file in the Audio track field. Select the button 'System (Audio only)'. In the Audio tab, select the desired bitrate, leave MPEG-1 Audio Layer 2 as compression type. Select the destination filename (will be .mpg). Save this selections as a project, and repeate this procedure for every WAV file. When finished, select Batch Processing and include in the list all the projects you created. Leave it working, take your time.

Now, using Nero 5.X burning Rom, select the VideoCD profile. Drag & drop all the .mpg files created in the clip list window. Burn the CD-R. Slide it in the DVD player (also SW like WinDVD) and enjoy it! Only one limit: 99 tracks on 1 CD-R.

Using Nero 5.5 you can add video menu and nice pictures (I did not try jet).

Nice Listening.


-- luigi (, July 27, 2001.

You could use tmpgenc. Open the audio file without video and save it as a (system) video+audio file. Make sure in the settings system tab the stream type is systems automatic. You should end up with a .mpg file you can burn to a vcd.

-- Kristopher (, September 23, 2001.

Hi Guys,

The easiest way to do this is to use Winoncd (from Roxio)

With this program you can make an audio-album that basically puts over 6 hours of MP2 on a CD complete with picture stills.

-- Gerry V (, January 21, 2004.

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