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What changes should be made to the processes for CDS to improve our service?

-- Anonymous, May 10, 2000


* Pre-Defined lists at the start of the campaign. A Newsletter list, Announcements List, Specials list, etc..

* Email Naming scheme, so it is easy to identify when and what an email is.

* Plan Campaigns not Emails - what will this email do how does it help the overall campaign does or should it relate to the next email.

* Before we send or start working on an email we need to determine what the goals of the email are for the client, and how the customer benefits from the email.

* Integrate CDS with other advertising - share the information we learn, and maybe link the information we can get from them. Make banners/promotions geared to getting users to subscribe.

* Privacy Policies - read each client's privacy policy and make sure any items CDS is doing do not conflict.

* Make testing an integral part of the process. Start campaigns sending 60% of the emails with our best guess/knowledge as to what works then 40% of the mails for testing. As we get more experience with the client move to a 80% best practices 20% testing.

-- Anonymous, May 11, 2000

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