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What new features should be added to future versions of the CDS system?

-- Anonymous, May 10, 2000


Here are the ideas/thoughts I have had so far that we should build into the CDS system.

* Split lists for testing - Ability to split/pull out an arbitrary number of random email addresses to test emails with. If the email is suppose to be sent to 100,000 users then maybe pull out 5 groups of 2 thousand each to test the 5 different versions of the email, then send the best version to the remaining 90,000 thousand users.

* Pre-programmed series of Mails - Series of emails that will be sent to qualifying users on a scheduled basis (weekly, monthly, new user, etc.). These could be tips on how to use the site for new users, or a follow up to anyone who has called customer service.

* Pre-programmed segments for customers - Define customer segments and then have pre-defined queries used to select those customers, so you can select the group from by choosing the segment from a combo box.

* Customization features in the email - Ability to put if statements in the email. Show this paragraph if the customer is a member of this segment.

* Integrated tracking of un-subs and emails opened - Integrate these into the normal reports.

* Auto generate links - Instead of manually creating links have the CDS system auto-generate the links.

* Ability to select categories for links - Make it so for each link you can specify when somebody clicks on it whether it is a "click through", "conversion", "thank you page click", or something else.

* Display link in email on Report - On the report for each email display where each link is in the email.

* Automate un-sub addition for each email - Create automatic un-sub for each email and track with email caused the un-sub.

* Integrate client DNS entry - Have links automatically update for the DNS entry for the client.

* Automatic client Extranets - Extranets that clients can view and see real time stats.

* Automate approval process - Integrate approval process with client extranets, so the client sees exactly what is going to be sent.

* Automatic bouncing un-subs - Configurable on a per client basis after a certain number of bounces in a row the user is unsubscribed. Enter reason for un-sub in the DB (user, bounce, admin).

* Automated Surveys - Automate the survey creation process

* Automate - Uploading and Downloading of client databases.

* Conversion Repeat - Set option for whether the conversion pixel should count repeat conversions or not (registering happens once vs purchasing which could happen multiple times)

* Integration with client's site - Connect directly to client's database for information. Place short survey's or polls on client site.

-- Anonymous, May 11, 2000

A way to track and categorize testing results. This email was different because it had a bold headline, and it got a 1.5% better click through....

-- Anonymous, May 11, 2000

A way to set whether links should create a cookie on click through or not.

-- Anonymous, May 12, 2000

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