I have a dream.

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Well, not really, it's just an idea.

Many of us get our perspective of the world from whatever news source we frequent. (if any) And if we find someone writing about something of a greater common interest, it is often just chance.

With thousands (and potentially thousands more in the future) of diaries it would be interesting to have a "portal" for people reflecting peoples' thoughts and observations caught in the middle of specific event.

A fictional day would be something like this -- one page with links giving the inside perspective on things like...

(1) 4 diarists writing about the earthquake in California (2) 1 diarist living two houses down from from Elian Gonzales (3) 1 diarist spending the evening in a music star's hot tub in Rome (4) 2 diarists writing about a march in Washington. (5) 1 diarist on a trip to Africa

etc. etc.

Of course, there is always the problem of people making stuff up just to get on the news section, but anyway...

Oh wait, this wasn't really a question. So, I'll make it one. If there was a page like this (sort of a specialized weblog, maybe with a brief summary intro to each piece) would you be likely to check it everyday to see what's happening?

Next question: Is someone already doing this and I just haven't noticed? (I probably should have asked that first.)

-- Anonymous, May 10, 2000


Well, shit. No offense Jen, but I thought I was on Xeney's forum when I sent this. (it's those f**king drugs I did in the 70's damnit)

-- Anonymous, May 10, 2000

Oh, so my forum isn't good enough for your brilliant idea, Cory?


I do think they do something kind of similar over at metajournals or one of those sites. Of course, I might be totally wrong about that.

-- Anonymous, May 10, 2000

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