Does anyone know how the Sony Home editing Vaio computer system is. Do they make good qualitity Vcd's ?

-- MITCH (NEB@PRODIGY.NET), May 10, 2000


I don't know if you knew what this equipment is designed to do or not; However, if you have a digital camcorder which produces high quality video source, then the VCD should come out better then average.

Back in late december of last year, a PC WORLD magazine ran a two page report on this equipment. This machine provides a mean for people with digital camcorders that support IEEE 1394 protocol to download their video footage into its 13Gigs hard drive at 400Mb/s. The IEEE 1394 ports are conveniently located at the front inside one of the 5.25 bay. Sony provides the necessary software for downloading purpose only and that is it. VCD wares are not included so you will have to provide it on your own, and this includes the VCD burning software. The only thing Sony provides is a limited edition of Adobe Premier 4.2 for video manipulation like special effects, etc. A 4x DVD Rom and a CD-RW burner with the typical Adaptec EZ CD stuff (the one that does have VCD module). Its processor is a PIII 500Mhz, and its video is ATI Rage 16Mb SDRAM with Aureal Dynamic 3D sound card (and they call this multimedia...hmmm)

-- lnguyen (, May 11, 2000.

Have the low end Sony Vaio PC and digital *. Works fine for VCD with Adaptec Easy CD. The only limitation is tha standard editors wont work with camera except Sony's version of Premiere.

-- GAry (GDPRES:EY, September 02, 2000.

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