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hey isn't Casey blond in the movie drowning mona? i thought i saw a pic of him like that, but im not sure, if so he's got to be good looking anyway!

-- Saphier (, May 10, 2000


Hey saphier, i did a double take when i saw that pic in a mag!! But do not worry, it is a wig or weaves or something!

-- charlize cameron (, May 11, 2000.

yeah, it's a wig he wore only for the movie. i think his natural color suits him better, but he's beautiful any way he looks. :) keep an eye out for Hamlet, folks. he has a small part in that and it's supposed to be out sometime this month. not to mention Committed, which i am dying to see.

-- Susi-Q (, May 11, 2000.

I think that the blonde wig makes Casey look even more adorable (if that's possible).:) It brings out his big green eyes, and really flatters his face. Although I can't resist Casey's dark curls, he caught my eye as a blonde in Drowning Mona. The character that Casey plays in it (Bobby) is supposed to seem innocent and unsure of himself, and the wig totally adds to this impression. It makes him look like a little angel! I didn't go to see Drowning Mona expecting to fall in love at first sight, but as soon as I saw Casey, my heart melted. Ever since, I've been a big fan! Not only is Casey drop-dead cute, but his skill as an actor amazes me. He can play ANY ROLE! Whoever casted Drowning Mona picked the perfect person to play Bobby. I hope that Casey is that sweet in real life! lol I know that his big break is commin up any time now, cause talent like that doesn't remain ignored for long. If anyone wants to chat about Casey some more, e-mail me!!!!

-- Amy Jordan (, August 02, 2000.

I completely agree with Amy. Hottest as blond, i think, and he's sooo cute in Drowning Mona! I felt so sorry for his character because he had to deal with the evil Dearly's. The only thing was, his teeth looked evil. Hard to believe, I know, but his teeth were doing this whole evil thing, but I still went, "Wow, what a hottie". OK, I;m done talkin' now

-- Elvendude Dragonsprite III (, August 07, 2000.

I felt sorry for Bobby too, especially when they kept calling him kiss-ass : ) I know what you mean about the evil teeth thing. When Casey does this sort of half smile his teeth stick out like fangs. But he STILL manages to look sweet and adorable, even at those moments. I wanna see Casey play a bad boy in a movie. Is it possible?

-- Amy Jordan (, August 25, 2000.

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