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I have only been a member of the fanclub for a year and so obviously dont own most of the christmas singles. On the last newsletter, I noticed that in 1994, the christmas single was "Sexbomb" and was wondering if it was the same sexbomb song Tom Jones has released?

-- Suzanne (, May 10, 2000


nope :)

-- miki (, May 20, 2000.

hmmm... I haven't heard the song myself, but the only other "sexbomb" I know of is by the punk band Flipper, which would make a very unusual R.E.M. cover indeed. Other than that, bands have been known to have the same song titles for entirely different songs, so it could be entirely possible that Tom Jones, Flipper, and R.E.M. could all have entirely different songs by the same title...

-- un chien andalusia (, June 04, 2000.

sex bomb was written by someone named will shatter.

-- jason (, June 05, 2000.

hmmm... for half a second there I thought that said "Will Shatner" instead of "Will Shatter". heh. well, I have no idea if that's the guy from Flipper or not, but he's not Tom Jones, so I'm going with Flipper.

-- un chien andalusia (, June 06, 2000.

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