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Hi! I am new to photography and currently owned a Pentax MZ-5N for less then 2 months. any comments on this camera? I mainly take portraits indoor (HDB flats) for my child using above-mentioned camera. After 3 rolls of films i had developed, i found that the ambient lighting is not sufficient during the day.( i used fuji 200, 36exp film)

So, i would like to ask you guys if by adding an external flash units may help? please advice other brands of ext. flash units which is suitable for pentax also besides Pentax 330FTZ. i think 330FTZ is pretty okay but is it too costly?(i am looking at SGD100 and below.):) I need something like effective range of flash within 5 metres or so( know what i m saying?... coz i don't know in technical terms for that)

my system comes with Pentax SMC lense 28-80mm f3.5/5.6 which i think its a pretty good lense too.(image is sharp). i probably need another lense in near future, maybe a prime lense specially for portraits (80mm focal length good enough?) or a more power AF zoom lense 70-210mm or another 28-200 mm AF zoom lense of the same price range. heard Tameron 28-200mm AF zoom lense is good. Any comments on this?

Have a nice day!

-- B.H. Lim (, May 10, 2000


try Achiver (or Cobra in some place called) 630af for Pentax, index 32, low price.

-- FU (, January 19, 2002.

Pourriez-vous me communiquer le prix du TAMERON 28-200mm AF ZOOM Je vous en remercie

-- DEHAN JEAN-PIERRE (, July 19, 2002.

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