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I tried using VideoPack 4.0 to make my VCD's instead of EZ CD because of the advanced support for high rez stills and nested menus and such. the problem is that when I launch Videopack it tells me no supported recorders are found. The program still launches and i can create a layout, but the recording options are inactive, all I can do is make an image, which is in some sort of .RAW format, which appears to be useless to me. I am using a HP CD-Writer 7200i. Is this in fact not supported? Is there any way for me to make it supported? Is there any way i can burn the .RAW image with another application, or convert the .RAW image to another image format? Is there any other application i can use to create the VCDs besides EZ CD, or VideoPack, that will allow me to use some of those advanced features? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you again, love the forum, Matt

-- matt (, May 09, 2000


Hi matt, I had the same problem. I hope Video Pack 5.0 coming out this summer will support more CD Burners. You will need to get WinOnCD v3.6. Here is how you import *.raw files into Win On CD. 1. On the "New Project" box(This should be the first thing that opens up), select the "other" tab button(located to the right of the "video" tab)

2. Double click on the "Track Image" icon

3. Drag and drop your *.raw files into the layout (It works better if you select them all, then drag them to the layout)

4. On the "Record" Menu, select "Make CD"

Good Luck with this, you might also want to get the patch available free at:

-- Jay (, May 09, 2000.

This is what i meant about VP4 is picky about CD burners. Go to Cequadrant site and download your HP driver, It is available there. Just install it inside the VP4 folder and you'll be able to burn the VCD clip with VP4. HP drivers are among the most supported burner that Cequadrant offers.

-- (, May 09, 2000.

As far as I am aware VideoPack4 only allows SCSI CD-R drives. And only older drives at that. Newer drives you have to download patches for from CeQuadrat. In any case if you are taking this VCD thing seriously you shouldn't be caught dead with an IDE CD-R drive, no matter what volatile opinions there are pro and con. SCSI just simplifies so many things. For example many people in this forum say that Nero and Easy CD can't co-exist; if you really have to have them on your system at the same time, to open one or the other, it is necessary to edit entries in some *.ini files. This limitation is due to using IDE drives, and the *.vxd and *.hlp files that are needed for making these IDE look to the system as if they were SCSI is the core of most of it. I use a TEAC CD-RS55 SCSI CD-R drive, have Nero, Easy CD 3.01d, and WinOnCD3.6 installed, and can open any one of them when I wish without having to edit any *.ini entries and they all behave properly and stably. So there.

-- EMartinez (, May 10, 2000.

PLEASE; I DONīt speak much english. Por favor necesito saber de donde puedo descargar este programa pues lo tenia en mi computadora y se ha borrado un archivo ejecutable , please help me, please.


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