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Hello! Welcome to our Q & A site!

This site is intended to be a forum for Lindagail's NLP Practitioner training. Please use it to ask and answer questions, share learnings, report on progress and any other communications that are appropriate for the group.

I look forward to the dialog!


-- Anonymous, May 09, 2000


Thanks, Ken!

This will be a lot easier to manage for a lot of us. I look forward to sharing info with everyone.

As for an update, we had a small group get together for a review on Saturday. Mckenna, Dennis, and I got together and started going through the questions on the mid training review. The hour and a half flew by pretty quickly and we managed to do about a page and a half.

It really helps to have discussions in order to keep all of these tools in ready access. These past few days, I thought about it a lot. I had a counseling interview yesterday and had really worked on getting the outcomes locked into my brain for the scenario they gave me. It turns out that rather than counsel, the scenario involved teaching a ten minute unit..

Nevertheless, I utilized the Circle of Excellence - and anchored it to my interview outfit!

Yes, there's a story behind that. I had some co-workers put me through a mock interview on Friday. I sat waiting for them, then they invited me into a different room. (BREAK STATE!!) I fidgeted all over the place! Mckenna had the great suggestion to anchor the circle of excellence to my "power suit."

The difference was remarkable. I neither fidgeted, nor twiddled my hair in the interview. Thanks, Mckenna!

And thanks again, Ken!

-- Anonymous, May 09, 2000

Reponse to Welcome

Liz and Everyone Liz I'm so glad you anchored your Circle of Excellence to your "power suit". That would seem to me to be THE way to anchor something that you have minimal control over. Anchoring to your own clothing, a piece of jewelry, a ring, a favorite pair of shoes, might be the difference between being able to access that state or not. My husband rode his Motocross Motorcycle in his first race on Sunday. I didn't have alot of time before the race so I did a mini version of the Circle of Excellence for him. He was really alot of fun to work with because he so enjoyed being in his circle I really had to work at breaking state to see if it was anchored. He came in 3rd both Moto's (races) AND came home with a 3rd place trophy. Next I am thinking of anchoring it to his goggles or gloves. Same theory as Liz's suit. Talk to everyone soon! mckenna : )

-- Anonymous, May 11, 2000

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