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Hi all,

I just invited Doug and Julie Mikula to participate on the forum.

Have a great day! Steph

-- Stephanie Bennett (, May 09, 2000


Hi all,

I just invited Dan Beaty to look at the forum and see if he would want to get involved with it.

Your bro,


-- Barry Steinman (, May 10, 2000.

Hi all,

Thanks for telling me about this. I like the concept, as I have seen it before. I am, however, getting a bit worn out by the word "relational" these days, even though I know that relationships are VERY important. But I can really get into PARTICIPATORY Christianity. These should always go together as they are stated here.

It seems that the part about participation in the work of God, the purposes of God has been put on the back burner by so many these days. For me personally, one of the reasons I felt the Lord moving me out of my former church experience was over the lack of participation of the members of the body.

All the places about the need for every member, each ones gift being important and exercised in the scriptures jumped off the page to me. I knew a change must be made, so here I am.

Will be looking forward to see what develops here.

Your brother, Dan B.

-- Dan Beaty (, May 10, 2000.

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