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Could someone please provide me with REM's chart performance in the US and UK. Thanks!

-- Paul (, May 09, 2000


REM's highest UK hit was The Great Beyond which got to #3. Before that, their best was e-bow the letter which got to #4. Singles haven't always sold too well in the UK (Lotus only got to about #25). Hope this helps.

-- mark (, May 10, 2000.

U.K- Everybody Hurts was A Number 3 Hit A Few Years Back Albums- Up #2 {Lost The Battle To #1 By Robbie Williams' 2nd Album Which Was Realeased On the Same Day} New Adventures In Hi-Fi #1 Monster #1 Automatic For The People#1 Out Of Time #1 {After Losing My Religion} Document #8 {Or there Abouts}

-- Thomas Morrin (, May 11, 2000.

REM'S biggest singles hit in the uk was the great beyond,which peaked at#3 in early 2000-before that it was e-bow the letter which peaked at#4,and after that it is shiny happy people(#6),and everybody hurts (#7). They have fared better albumswise though-every album since out of time has got to #1,except up,which got to#2. Their rise to fame in the u.k was via the single losing my religion,which despite only getting to #19,caltupated the album out of time to #1 in the uk charts-this was repeated when shiny happy people was released.

-- Rick (, May 15, 2000.

Wot a shame, eh? After all this time and they still haven't reached the top spot yet in the UK, but, their time will come.

-- Clair Mac (, July 24, 2000.

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