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Subject: May 8, 2000 EV Direct
Date: Mon, 8 May 2000 13:28:04 -0400

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First Federal Multi-Alternative Fuel Service Station Opened

ARLINGTON, VA, May 8, 2000 - Looking at the fact that cars, trucks and buses make up for half of urban air pollution, the Navy Exchange Service has provided a solution to the problem by opening the first federal government multi-alternative fuel service station.


Sustainability Initiatives Underway in New Jersey

TRENTON, NJ, May 8, 2000 - New Jersey State Environmental Protection Commissioner Bob Shinn has unveiled a plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 3.5 percent below the 1990 levels by 2005.


Fact Sheet Says Idling Engines Needlessly Waste Money

ARGONNE, IL, May 8, 2000 - According to estimates by Argonne National Laboratory, the average long-haul truck idles away up to $1,790 in profits each year, so instead of letting their engines idle, truck operators should consider using separate devices for cab heating and cooling and engine-block warming.


USDA to Validate Tests for Biotech Grains, Accredit Labs

WASHINGTON, May 8, 2000 - The US Department of Agriculture said it will help standardize the identification of biotechnology-derived grains by accrediting labs and evaluating tests used to detect the presence of genetically modified grains.


Funding Approved for Wetlands Projects

WASHINGTON, May 8, 2000 - Twenty-five separate wetland habitat projects in the US and Mexico will receive more than $65 million in public and private grants this spring through the North American Wetlands Conservation Act and the efforts of public/private conservation partnerships.


New Report Says Ethanol Can Replace MTBE in California

WASHINGTON, May 8, 2000 - A update to a previous report that assessed the ethanol industry's ability to replace MTBE as the oxygenate in California Clean Burning Gasoline has been released, again saying the industry is up to the task.


New Bill Would Favor Ethanol Over MTBE

WASHINGTON, May 8, 2000 - New bipartisan legislation introduced by Senator Tom Daschle (D-SD) aims to triple the use of ethanol in the US over the next ten years by using it as a replacement for the gasoline additive methyl tertiary butyl ether - or MTBE.


Green Energy Provider Gets $100 Million Boost

S. BURLINGTON, VT, May 8, 2000 -, one of the leading providers of clean energy in the US, has entered into an investment agreement with BP Amoco and others that will provide up to $100 million for the continued growth of GreenMountain and the expansion of the renewable energy market.

-- Anonymous, May 09, 2000

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