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To what lengths have you gone to get that perfect tree or flower or whatever home?

-- Christine (, May 09, 2000


....the kids could ride on the roof! yeah that will work. Or at least it was a consideration. But with my pseudo pickup silver bullet hatchback vehicle. I can haul all with the best of em. Cheers to declining humidity. Garden Onward hi vince er

-- erica (, May 09, 2000.

A guy I used to work for when I was doing odd jobs during school bought an antique tractor at an auction. After getting a local mechanic to check it over and make sure it was in running order, he had me drive it 95 miles back to his place in the dead of winter. His daughter (who I was going out with at the time) followed me in a van with gallons of hot chocolate and bags of junk food. It was fun for the first twenty...

-- Michael (, May 10, 2000.

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