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well - to be perfectly honest, i got a few pointers from molly on how to get my journal rolling, which was nice. but, i don't have a whole lot of readers as of yet, and i know she isn't reading it, so, frankly, i didn't feel like contributing to hers anymore if she can't return the favor. ( yeah - i know it sounds petty, but at least i'm being honest)

-- Alex (, May 09, 2000


Post that URL!

Yo, if you want more readers, it never hurts to post the url in public places, like...say...this forum...

And that would at least remind me where your journal lives. I admit, I am sometimes stuck in my ways. It's sometimes hard to add yet more journals to my already-established list of faves. I know I checked yours out when you first told me about it. Give me another chance?

-- Molly Zero (, May 09, 2000.

Alex URL

here it is ( i change the index page from time to time, so it'll probably look different from the last time you saw it)

just to let you know too, molly - i haven't taken your advice about the links page because i honestly don't read very many myself yet - and i didn't want to just put a bunch up to have them - i plan to do it someday, i have a list started - but i have mentioned yours and a couple of others from time to time on past entries.

-- Alex (, May 09, 2000.

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