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Ok, so traffic has been up at my site. If ya feel like it, take a moment to answer a few brief questions about yourself.

1. Who are you?
2. Do you know me in real life?
3. How'd you find my site?
4. How long have you been visiting my site?
5. If you're a repeat visitor, why? What keeps you coming back?

Thanks for taking the time to answer!

-- Katrina Marie (katrinamarie@juno.com), May 09, 2000


1. Rick
2. Yepper
3. Can't tell ya :P
4. ON and off since you have had the site up.
5. Since you don't write me I have to see what's new somehow now don't I :)

OK Well I answered your questions. Sorry I have not gotten you the "Just Being Me" design. About to re-do the computer so it might be a day or so before I get back online. Take care!

-- Rick (adenfla@yahoo.com), May 09, 2000.

1. darby/ryssa
2. not yet
3. you told me where it was. how'd i find you? i think you actually found me, through ginger.
4. can't remember. don't come by very often.
5. i feel bad for never writing you so i settle for knowing what you're up to? something like that.

-- darby (ryssa@oath.com), May 09, 2000.

1. YOUR SISTER! 2. What other life is there other than "real"?? 3. Your little e-mail announcement. 4. Since you started it. 5. I keep coming back because #1) you're my sister and I like reading your thoughts, your random firings of synapses and what have you, and #2) sometimes you write about ME and I need to keep tabs of that! ;) I love you!

-- Vanessa McCoy (cvmccoy@juno.com), May 12, 2000.

1. A friend from waaaay back 2. I don't remember ever NOT knowing you 3. You told me 4. for a while 5. This is WAY better than any soap opera! ;-) You know I love ya bunches!!!! :-)

-- Melinda Sue (Mindilla@yahoo.com), May 17, 2000.

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