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Recently John McCain gave a suggestion about how to start a dialogue with Castro. He suggested that Castro release all the political prisoners held in his jail. That could be a start in political negotiations. Followed by trade, tourism, etc. What do you think?

-- Elaine Nugent (, May 08, 2000


John McCain seems to have some of the most forward thinking ideas of all the current politicians. I am an independent voter so my opinion comes from no political loyalty. Something has to be done to begin a dialogue with Castro; it is ridiculous to keep the status quo. But he denies that there are any political prisoners and it seems as if the majority of the Cuban people are behind him, no matter what. Our State Department would be wise to enlist the help of someone like John McCain to try to open a door.

-- Serena Myers (, May 09, 2000.

On Chris Matthews' "Hardball" 2 nights ago, former congressman, Fred Grandy (r., Iowa) ("Gopher" on "The Love Boat") was a guest. He had just returned from a visit to Cuba. It was not a governmnet sponsored trip but his comments were most interesting. He said that although he knew his group was carefully watched at all times, there were never any restrictions placed upon them, that they could go wherever they wanted and could speak with whomever they chose. He found it to be a delightful place, not what our imaginations may conjure up if we think of East Germany before the wall fell. Very open, its economy based on the U.S. dollar, that he never saw a peso. In his opinion, our government should be doing something to foster better relations, that the average Cuban is not anti-American, and that once Castro is out of the way, big changes will come whether the U.S. does anything or not because even the "dissidents" there want our country to open a dialogue.

-- Serena W Myers (, June 16, 2000.

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