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Just heard your cry for input, reaction, feedback - which can all add up to validation for a diarist.

I sympathise with you. It can be difficult to keep putting out without getting any back. If it's any consolation, over the years I've gone from getting flooded with email to a trickle and back again and now just a few drops here and there.

It depends on what I'm writing about. If there's something that many people can relate to and feel inspired to comment on, they will. But also, if it's a sensitive topic like your mom's surgery, they may be afraid to say the wrong thing, and step back.

I was one of the two who wrote you about it, so perhaps I'm not the one to ask though. Come on, readers - shake off the dust and give Molly what she craves. Just a little communication when she needs it.

-- Javina (, May 08, 2000


All of the above

I was discussing Molly's journal with a friend and we both think the content has changed over the last 5-6 months. Molly seems to be having the same travails, but they are in another realm. It's not about an edge dweller trying to smash into the wall that is the world anymore. It seems to be about assimilation and floor plans. I'm sure that this is a great thing from Molly's perspective, but from this side it's not something I feel worked up enough to comment on or send email about.

What Javina said about the Mom crisis hit the mark too (for me at least) I have a hard enough time asking my friends about ill family members. Someone I only know through this medium seems to be behind the "do NOT cross" line.

I know this is not what you probably want to hear Molly, but it's where I'm at with this thing called sleepwalker.

-- mxstone (, May 09, 2000.


First, so glad to know I'm the topic of conversation... heh.

Second, I feel like this is the same sort of discussion that goes on over in Gus's forum (Randomly Ever After author). His readers accuse him of not being any fun anymore, cause he doesn't get piss-drunk and beat up neo-nazi skinheads anymore. Now that I'm in a stable relationship and job, I'm not giving random blow-jobs and getting fired and being depressed and all, but I like to think that the writing has remained good, and I like to think that people read partly because they've become invested to a point in finding out "what happens next." I know I don't tell funny cat stories, or offer opinions about Buffy, but I still like to tell my stories. And it is my story that I have to write about.

I'd like to continue on this road of normalcy, please. If that makes it less exciting for the readers, too bad.

I understand the reluctance to say anything about my Mom, and that's cool.

-- Molly Zero (, May 09, 2000.

What I meant was...

Molly, I think you and I are talking about two different things. I said that I don't feel worked up enough anymore to comment or send email. That doesn't mean that I don't read and enjoy what you write. Pardon the musical analogy, but I used to be a huge Replacements fan back "in the day". I would plead with people to give it a listen. I really like what Paul Westerberg is doing now, but it's too personal to try and share it with others. Same man, same feel, just another level of maturity. Ditto for Husker Du and Bob Mould.

I know of at least one other reader of yours that feels like you are betraying your ideals, but I disagree with her for the most part (sorry A) As someone who works with people who have mental illnesses on a daily basis, I think it's great that you have found some stability and support for your depression. I know the amount of courage that takes and I applaud you.


-- mxstone (, May 09, 2000.

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