When to Cogenerate Electricity

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In the process of constructing our first facility we have discovered that we can make use of the thermal exhaust (without the boiler/radiator) as part of our process. Given that we may be constructing all over the world and have a power need of about 6MW... when is it economical to construct a cogen facility?

When the cost per Kwh is .05 and greater and the cost per therm is less than .45 at the LDC... is the benchmark or form of the answer I would like to get. Please fill in the amounts or tell me what the matrix might look like... lets assume water is available and at a reasonable cost. We will operate it 6x24... and we have not accounted for standby charges, nor have we looked at islanded operations.

-- Karl Gee (allresources@aol.com), May 08, 2000

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