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Can anyone recommend a shop in Hong Kong where they have a good selection and good prices for large format equipment? I am interested in something like a Toyo 45C with a 210 Nikkor lens along with a polaroid and roll film back to go along with it. Please advice.

-- Tommy Zablan (lensman49@hotmail.com), May 08, 2000


Tommy ; I have lived in Asia for many years, several of which were spent in Hong Kong, and I honestly would not recommend HK as a place to buy photographic equipment. If you are determined, however, some of the shops in Stanley Street in Central are reasonable (and there are a couple of decent pro-labs there as well). Even with the current strength of the yen, Japan is a much better bet for both new and used LF equipment.

-- fw (finneganswake@altavista.net), May 08, 2000.

I am a resident of Hong Kong and I frequent every camera store that carries large format cameras,lenses and accessories. Some stores in Tsim Sha Tsui carry at least 20 different popular large format (4x5) and (8x10)cameras at one time, used or new, in very reasonable price. There are Toyos, Linhofs, Horsemans, Sinars etc, you name it. The price for both the used and new camera is cheaper than that in the US. One store carries every lens (brand new) Schneider, Rodenstock and Nikon currently produce (Sorry, no Fujinons)with a bargain price tag. When you arrive at Hong Kong, buy a local photography magazine and you will be able to locate these stores. C.W. Lee

-- C.W.Lee (jensimon@netvigator.com), May 08, 2000.

Thanks Finnegan and C.W.Lee for the responses.

FW, I have done a fair bit of research into the pitfalls of camera shopping in Hong Kong and intend to come prepared, that's why I'm asking you guys :) I'll be there for only a limited amount of time (effectively one day for camera shopping when I factor in the fight schedules and the other things I have to do) with a fixed budget at hand and want to plan my itinerary as effectively and specifically as possible.

I'm originally going there to acquire a Mamiya RZ system (with a tilt-shift adapter) since I'm after projects which would almost surely need PC adjustments. However, I'm also looking into LF systems, the limiting factor being I do not know the range and good prices from bad of this type of gear in HK, and thus cannot plan/balance a budget for it along with my requirements. I'm hoping you guys can hep me with that. Prices of a Toyo 45c or an A-S Disovery with a range of Nikkor lenses and backs (4x5 and roll-film) would be greatly appreciated.

The shops I definitely will go to would be Kwong Tai, New Sankyo, Man Shing, as well as other shops in the Central area. Are these the ones to go to for LF gear as well?

Thanks again.

-- Tommy Zablan (lensman49@hotmail.com), May 09, 2000.

The three shops you mentioned do not stock new Toyo 45C or 210 Nikor. They only carry Master Technica (new) at HK$28000. These two items you listed can be ordered from them or other camera shops listed below and you will get them the next day. The most complete selection of LF in stock is Tin Cheung Camera Company at G26-28 Tung Ying Building, 100 Nathan Rd, Tel 2722 1265, Fax 2722 1043. This is the supermarket of new and used cameras and I last saw a used Toyo 45C there. Nikor lenses are not as popular as Schneiders in HK, as the discount for Schneiders is much more than Nikors. I bought the Nikor 300F9 at HK$6000, the Apo Rodenstock 150 at HK$3500, and the Super Angulon 90XL at HK$7500, all new, from various stores in HK. I later learnt that an Apo Symmar 300 is HK$11500. I would have defenitely gone for the Apo Symmar 300 instead of the Nikor 300F9 if I knew the price difference beforehand. This is because it is obvious the saving is much more for the former(when compared with the prices advertised in Shutterbug). Next door of Tin Cheung is Zhao Xing Guan (2722 0068)which also has a lot of LF equipment. Within the same block, there are four other major used camera stores under one roof (Tsimshatsui Mansion/Champagne Court at 16 Kimberley Rd, Kowloon): 1) David Chan Co., 2723 3886, tohang@netvigator.com, 2)Matsuya, 2724 0893, 3)Shogun Trading Co. 2311 1688 4) All Best, 2739 1826. I think you will have to spend more than 1 day to shop in these stores. Enjoy your trip in HK. - C.W. Lee

-- C.W. Lee (jensimon@netvigator.com), May 09, 2000.

Thanks for the invaluable info CWLee. Now I know why, when we faxed New Sankyo for a quote for a Toyo 45C a few months back, the guy quoted us a Master Technika :) The shops and prices you mentioned is a lot of help.

What are the good deals on brands and specific camera bodies over there now? Is Arca-swiss available at good prices? Between a 45c and a Sinar f1, how are the prices and what are better values?

(I have sufficiently too little knowledge of individual cameras to have developed a preference still, but am confident enough in my abilities that as long as the camera is capable of what I need to do (table-top, arhitecture, people in the studio), I will be able to use it, with practice, with some proficiency).

-- Tommy Zablan (lensman49@hotmail.com), May 10, 2000.

Tin Cheung, & Zhao Xing Guan carry a Sinar F1 kit with a Rodenstock 150F5.6 and some accessories for about HK$ 13000. This is a bargain. An advanced kit of the same is also available, which includes more accessories like a carrying box, backs etc. The kit seems to meet your need. C.W. Lee

-- C.W. Lee (jensimon@netvigator.com), May 13, 2000.

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