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I am just wondering if any one of the 8x10 shooters out there in large format land uses a 30 incher. My question is not the quality of any particular lens , but rather , what shots do you use it for ?, how often do you use this glass brick ?, this lens is equivlent to 35mm as a 125mm lens , so does this 30 inch lens compress the field of perspective any ? , If at infinity , your tortured bellows now at 30 inch's , How many more inch's of pain is warranted for lets say a closer up shot than infinity ? , In normal conditions is there a problem with camera shake ? , with regards to all these questions let me refer to my lens and camera, C3 Calumet , 34 inch bellows , a single coated "Red Dot Artar" in barrel.

-- Dan Kowalsky (, May 07, 2000


Dan: I shudder thinking of using a 30" lens for closeups. A 1 to 1 ratio closeup would require five feet of bellows extension. I have seen copy cameras with that much extension, but never one that was made for tripod use. Usually a 19-21 inch is used for closer work with 8x10. Vibration is definately a problem with a 30" lens. Saint Ansel suggested two tripods, one under the front of the bed to try and stabilize that mass. Cameras with a sliding tripod block, and I can't remember if the Calumet has one, might get away with one tripod unless it is windy. Nearly three feet of bellows will create quite an areas for the wind to act upon. This is not to say the 30" is not certainly is. The Artar is a good lens at all focal lengths and has beautiful contrast. I have a 19" Artar I love. Good shooting, Doug.

-- Doug Paramore (, May 07, 2000.

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