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Did a little research and came up with the following: First level of angels: Seraphim. Attend and gaurd God's throne. Their assignment involves declaring God's holiness and keeping his people clean. One of them touched Isiah's lips with coal from the altar, cleansing him of sin. Second level: Cherubim. Bearers or escorts of God's throne, they uphold Jehovah's majesty. They are not messengers or fighters, but surround God and sing his praises.

-- Frostbite (, May 06, 2000


Wow. Intriguing. I still say Flux had some of the most learned writers of any TV program in existence.

-- eskimonkey (, May 07, 2000.

Something more I found: Seraph is derived from the word serap, which means "to burn". Satan is a fallen Seraph.

-- Frostbite (, May 07, 2000.

Something else: a seraph is also a kind of SNAKE

-- Frostbite (, May 07, 2000.

Yeah, that's funny, because I was at this site;, looking at the Catholic Encylopedia, where it gives an in depth explaination of the word Fons, and the different Gnostic systems with their hierachy of Fons. Don't know if its relative, but if anyones interested...not to mislead anyone from their religion, I will say in the 1st century, the original Christians after the death of Christ, seperated into two groups, the orthodox Christians, (the actual 12 apostles), and then the Gnostics, who did not believe in Martyrdom. The Gnostics believed you could know God through sudden divine revelations, and came up with all sorts of philosophies, most lost to us now, and the original apostles considered these Christians to be heretics. So their came to be a split among Christians, one interesting side note: the Gnostics allowed women to teach in the church and to be equal to men, whereas the original twelve believed women should be in subjection to men, among the found writings of the Gnostics: a book reputed, (and most likely) to be written by Mary Magdalene. She evidently became a Gnostic.

-- Barb e. (, May 07, 2000.

The whole thing about Fons and gnostics is that they believed that the word 'aeon' signified the eternal,and it became applied to God. They felt God was incapable of any contact with the material world or with evil. So there was an order of beings, a 'court of celestial beings' that were intermediaries between the finite and the infinite, each less perfect down to the material world of evil. I think they are saying this was the heirarchy of aeons. Seraphim were the height of this class. Now, with all this in view, isn't it strange that Fon Flux is a Monican, and the name of the operation to destroy the Berognican Reunification Movement,(a Monican based plan), is Herodotus? (Herod tried to stop the baby Jesus from being born). I can't imagine all this is deliberate, but all the referances are there.,,hope not to bore you all, just wanted to point out what I thought was kinda odd.

-- Barb e. (, May 07, 2000.

That and the fact that I still can't find where in the Herodotus file it gives Trevor's age.

-- Barb e. (, May 08, 2000.

You are mistaken about the etymology of herodotus - I don't believe the authors intended to refer to Herod Agrippa, but rather to refer to herodotus the greek 'father of history' who wrote the first attempt at what we would now call a history, rather than a heroic myth.

He also noted that history was fluid and depended on the viewpoint of the observeer/author, amongst many truly revolutionary contributions to later thought.

Additionally, it's a zippy sounding title.

-- Angus Fotheringham (, May 08, 2000.

Oh no. I just was discussing this with a friend of mine who said the same thing and I told him he was wrong, (I always tell this friend he is wrong), turns out he is right, heheh. Actually, it makes more sense, can you see Fon as representing heaven? The Herodotus file, a history.

-- Barb e. (, May 08, 2000.

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