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Heard that the old US Interstate 30 called Lincoln Highway ended above Lands End, in the area of Point Lobos. Are any details available pertaining to the history, development, and dates?

-- Wolfgang Schubert (, May 06, 2000


Wolfgang: You may have seen it already, but there is a concrete post at California and Park Presidio, by the outbound Muni stop, that is a Lincoln Highway marker. At least it was still there 10 years ago when I lived in the neighborhood.

-- Joe Thompson (, May 08, 2000.


The actual terminus of the Lincoln Highway was the parking area in front of the Palace of the Legion of Honor. As I remember, there was a plaque mounted somewhere near the fountain (below the statue of the four muses?)denoting the spot, but it seems to have disappeared during the remodeling of the area.

-- John Martini (, May 08, 2000.

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