Kazakhstan Oil spill into Ishim river

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Oil spill into Ishim river in northern Kazakhstan Source: BBC Monitoring Central Asia Publication date: 2000-05-05

Text of report by the Kazakh news agency Interfax-Kazakhstan on 4th May Petropavlovsk, 4th May: An oil spill has occured in the river Ishim in the North-Eastern industrial zone of Petropavlovsk (centre of North Kazakhstan Region). The concentration of oil in the spillage area is 3,000 times over the permissible level, a deputy head of the Regional environmental protection directorate, Andrey Kiselyev, told an Interfax-Kazakhstan correspondent.

He also said that a commission made up of staff of the environmental protection and emergency situations directorates and special services had examined the area.

According to Kiselyev, it was established that a branch of the Rezerv republican state enterprise, the Orbita firm, had been responsible for the spill. The enterprise stores state oil products.

Orbita's management was fined, Kiselyev said.

The damage inflicted by the oil spill is being assessed, he said.

According to ecologists, no mass death of animals and fish has been observed in the area so far - one dead gull was found


-- Martin Thompson (mthom1927@aol.com), May 05, 2000

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