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well, i tended to think of this subject as a two sided debate[hence the title] but as i look around the web for information on the subject, i notice that there are plenty of different takes on the subject. i cant get a link to work, but here is the title and url that alta vista gave me as i was searching +evolution +creation +"single cell organism"

-- torey luvullo (, May 05, 2000


posted too soon: "exploring the great mystery"... www.nashville-

-- torey luvullo (, May 05, 2000.

it is easy to assume that this is a 2-sided debate, but that is not necessarily so. a lot of the creation science argument seems to stem from an assumption that if evolution is proven incorrect, or shown to be insufficiently proven, then the genesis creation theory wins, by default.

what i am doing now is going thru alta vista and seeing how nonchristian belief systems handle the idea of evolution. the first i did, inspired by kurasu at monsterrancher metropolis, and her charming "merry meet", was wiccan/pagan. no big surprise, the sites i found really didn't concern themselves one way or another with the idea of evolution. they did not embrace it or reject it - it was hard to find anyone who would even talk about it! gonna try some others next...

-- torey luvullo (, May 06, 2000.

now, for an interesting islamic view on a central riddle of our topic - what is meant by the term "day"?

"quick or slow creation"

-- torey luvullo (, May 06, 2000.

here's a very enlightening website, which, by its name "" is obviously not in tune with fundamentalist beliefs. here are some links:

a summary of the major belief systems.

my own horse in this race

a survey of american public opinion

-- torey luvullo (, May 06, 2000.

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