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The Conservatory of Music has announced its plans to move from their home at 19th Ave and Ortega Streets. I've read that they've been there since the mid-fifties (1956?), but that the Spanich Revival building is from 1928.

I can probably do some digging, but does anyone know what was there between '28 and '56?


-- Woody LaBounty (, May 05, 2000


Barbara Eden of "I Dream of Jeannie" fame attended the Conservatory of Music in her youth, and also Lincoln High School in 1949. That was all mentioned in a television special some months ago. I lived at 1568 48th Avenue when her program was really hot in the 1960s, but at the time I didn't know I was watching one of our hometown sweethearts who made good. Barbara had also previously appeared in the Elvis film "Flaming Star."

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-- Hamilton Barrett (, January 11, 2002.

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