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Tim Mellstrom

May 5, 2000

Fast Company Article #4

How fast are you?

Page 194, May 2000 edition

This article deals with the fast paced society we all live in today. Carlo Petrini has lead a (slow) food movement that has become a popular trend throughout the world. The slow movement has about 60,000 members world wide and is gaining in popularity in the United States. Carlo Petrini, has focused not on doing away with fast food but to have people in general slow down and take the time too enjoy home cooked foods. The fast paced society that we live in contributes to people hurrying to get from one place to another and never taking time to spell and taste the coffee. Petrini, explain that, fast food in not the enemy, we can all eat what we want. Petrini also says that the enemy is the abnormal rhythms in which we are living our lives.

The Slow Food movement is a not for profit organization that works to maintain strong cultural foods and traditions. They have several projects that are currently striving to save and protect small scale and quality food production from industrial standardization.

I feel that the slow food movement is not only about food, but more importantly about peoples lives. They are concerned with the fast pace of society and that many people are not taking or using there time wisely. Many people sit and watch television for several hours or more in the evening when they could be spending quality time with friends and family.

This article makes one realize that a person needs to take a look at their life and see what they are missing and change it to make life meaningful. The family and friends idea is wonderful the quality of activities would be enhanced. The opportunities are endless one should try new activities and social gatherings that are out of the norm for that particular person..

-- Anonymous, May 05, 2000

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