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Even though I have been coming here for ages and have lived here for over a year, I still don't know anything about the restaurants around here.

Please list your top 5 restaurants in the area, and why you like them.

Thanks, Chel

-- Chel Micheline (, May 05, 2000


A very very important query for those of you who eat like I eat - too much some times. Let me break down some of the possibilities into useful categories for you. General menu type selections - usual types with a variety of fish, meat and pastas - I like Konrad's at the Mission Plaza for all- around dining for more Specialty - and higher prices I would steer you to The Bavarian Inn on Winterberry, Andres Steak House at the Royal Palm Mall and Arturo's on Bald Eagle - all have very good wine selections are are able to present the wines with knowledge - an important factor to me. There are lots of every day places too. Consider Nacho Mama's or Rookies in the Mission Plaza The Crazy Flamingo and Bubbalini's in the Town Center Mall. For the ULTIMATE dining experience - and it is FREE - you will find yourself at the best diningroom on the island - The Island Country Club - fabulous food, service, atmosphere and wine. I invite all of my real estate clients to join me for dinner after we have had a sale or purchase through my office. An added benefit to making the decision to join us here in Paradise.

-- Dennis Brown (, May 05, 2000.

wow- quick response! I went to the Bavarian Inn once and was not impressed, but that may because I am a vegetarian (hard to order) and there was a child in the room who was basically destroying everything in his path. Mr. Konrad was there and he was frustrated by the child's behavior as well. Maybe I will give it another chance.

The Voyager has excellent polenta for a main dish- wonderful for vegetarians. I could probably eat that 7 nights a week and not get sick of it. Plus they have a salad bar, so it gives us veggies a chance to do what we like best- customize our own meal.

Simon's Greek isn't the most elegant of dining experiences on the Island, but the food is amazing. You have to really like greek to eat there though. The spanikopita is amazing, and their hummus is the best I have ever tasted. I always get containers to take out with me. I rarely see people eating in there, but tons of people get takeout.

More later...

-- Chel Micheline (, May 05, 2000.

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