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Hi Dennis and other users,

I am visiting Marco Island this fall and would like to know which golf courses that you think are the best to play at. I have friends at the Classics and Eagle Creek, among others, and would like to know where I should spend my three days, public or private.

Thanks, JH

-- Joe (, May 05, 2000


Joe, A really important question that is frequently asked by us golfing nuts. The most important selection is the distinction between the private and the public courses. Even in the off-season time (up to the late fall) there is little availability to play on a private course without prior connection to a member or a reciprocal arrangement with other local courses. That leaves the all-important public offerings. Of those closest to Marco Island you will find me playing either The Golf Club at the Marriott or Marco Shores. They are within 3 - 5 miles from our bridge and offer very challenging layouts with full 18 holes of play. If you venture a bit further into the Naples area on Hwy 951 there are several others to look at that are new courses and great designs, too Call me or e-mail me anytime for more detailed info. I hope this may have helped.

-- Dennis Brown (, May 05, 2000.

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