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Does anyone have experience doing this? If so how can I create VCD's that will play in a home DVD stand alone unit? How hard is it to also create the menus to go with it? Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks

-- Cale Ferguson (, May 05, 2000


I know of two prorams for creating VCD menus. First, clickable menu will not work in DVD player, yet it does work on a computer. You can still make a menu with number selections. The two programs are Easy CD Creator v3x and Video Pack v4. If you use EZ-CD, then you have less features and you need to pre encode your clip with a MPEG encoder. Video Pack, I think is a better one for making menus. It has differnt options for background music, high-res still pictures up to 704x480, and a button editer. Hope this helps.

-- Jay (, May 06, 2000.

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