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Optus cable causes major disruption

Source: AAP | Published: Friday May 5, 12:41 PM

A major fibre optic cable between Melbourne and Sydney has been cut, throwing interstate telephone communications into chaos.

Automatic back-up systems have directed Optus communications traffic to Telstra's lines, causing enormous congestion that's affected internet systems, automatic teller machines and the Australian Stock Exchange.

In the event of cable failure, all normal traffic has to be channelled through Telstra's systems - which is now causing widespread congestion on phone lines.

Optus says repair work is under way, but it doesn't know how long it will take for the damaged cable to be repaired.

Optus says fibre links have been cut in two unrelated incidents, distrupting fixed line and mobile services.

-- Martin Thompson (, May 05, 2000


Optus restores telephone services

Source: AAP | Published: Friday May 5, 1:27 PM

Telephone services affected by two severed fibre optic cable links between Sydney and Melbourne had been restored, Cable & Wireless Optus said.

The cable failure was believed to have been fixed at 12.15pm (AEST) after the two cables were cut, in separate incidents, at around 10am (AEST).

Westpac Bank, whose ATM system and branch network was severely affected, said temporary repairs had been made to one of the optus cables early this afternoon.

A spokeswoman said most of the bank's services had been restored by 12.20pm.

Westpac networks were affected in Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia.

-- Martin Thompson (, May 05, 2000.

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