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I am looking information on H&W control film and processing. I understand it was especially good for high resolution photography. Do you have any information on this? I got an e-mail referencing "a Review of H&W Control" in an "Index to Dignan's Newsletter," but could find nothing on it(pp0-299), any ideas? I am following up with the person who e-mailed me, but due to the "I Love You" virus our e-mail is down. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Steve Bates Clinical Research Scientisti II (817) 551-4641 or FAX (817) 568-7054

-- Steve Bates (Steve.Bates@alconLabs.com), May 04, 2000


I read about H&W Contol films a few years ago. They were used in the 60"s and 70"s, but when I went looking for the film, it apparently has not been made for a while. Try Tech Pan as an excellent high resolution/low grain film.

-- Gene Crumpler (nikonguy@worldnet.att.net), May 16, 2000.

H&W control film was made in Germany by ADOX and imported into N. America under the H&W name. Kodak Tech Pan can indeed equalor surpass these old Orthochromatic and VERY slow films. AGFA APX 25 and ILFORD Pan F are just about as good with better tonality AND a speed of 400-800!!

Ilford XP2 super is just as good as I remember H&W to be, but has the great convenience of being processed in C-41 chemistry.

Good Luck

OH! Fuji has a B&W fine equivalent-Fuji F at 50 but is only available in Japan, I think. That is where I get it.

-- richard ilomaki (richard.ilomaki@fmglobal.com), December 07, 2000.

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