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Hello out of space I'm lucky with my Arca Swiss F line. Now I'm always searching for a backpack for this camera. Ok, for packing I can slide the camera onto the rear 15cm rail and remove this rail and camera from the bracket. But I think, that my favourite backpack, Lowe Pro Photo Trekker AW is not deep enough (15 cm), because a protect the focussing screen with a special protector from Calumet. The depth of the big one from Lowe Pro (Super Trekker AW, 16,5 cm) is ok, but the backpack is too big, (large), in order to take it as hand baggage in an airplane.

Thanks very much to everyone who's being helping me.


-- Cecil Raimund (, May 04, 2000


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Take a look at the specs on the Tenba backpack on the B&H Photovideo web site. There is one set up for medium format/4x5 that might meet your requirements.

-- Donald Brewster (, May 04, 2000.

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check out the f64 backpack.I also own the a-s f line field.I have flown with it with no problems.Camera,three lenses,two boxes of film,readyload holder,filters,&stuff.Great pack-great price

-- emerald estock (, May 08, 2000.

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You e-mailed me some time ago about packs for the ARCA-Swiss F-Line. I tried to e-mail you, unfortunately it kept coming back without delivery.

If you own the field version with 30cm folding rail it will fit very tightly in the Lowe Pro Orion AW bag (bottom portion) with 2 additional lenses. I use a piece of 3X mounting board to protect my ground glass. The 30cm optical bench fits even better if you remove one 15cm section of the rail from the bench. You must store the other rail and bench elsewhere. In a pinch, you can use the optional 85mm extension bracket to hold two 15cm rails together. It's not the most sturdy arrangement, but it'll work fine if you're careful. Good Luck.


-- Jim Blecha (, May 08, 2000.

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