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Visit - for an example on easy to use top bar navigation - (the black flat topbar) - (check the top bar)

-- Anonymous, May 04, 2000


Thanks Franz - I will check these links out.

The main place for adding links is in the LINK section

-- Anonymous, May 04, 2000

I get your idea of the simplicity of the top navigation system, the users can get an overview of the topics available.

One good thing with this system is that they use text. This allows for quick updates and transition to other languages. However, the negative text makes for a dominant "black" effect which is (according to Tufte) "The worst example of information display." The TV2 site does better as their colour choice is more muted and doesn't compete with the words.

The TV2 system offers more choice to the users initially, but fails to inform the user where they are once they have chosen a link. I would also like to see how they solve the problem of web TV, dreamcast terminals, playstation 2 access and all the emerging technologies that might not have javascript support (maybe I am being a bit picky?) The icons at the top right are very good examples of poor usability. The explanation for their use is in the lower left browser environment.

Anyway, I will be taking the best examples from these and trying to extract the good ideas from them. So keep posting those examples!

-- Anonymous, May 04, 2000

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