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For those that would like to find out more about the New England Rubbish Deconstruction Society (including how we filled out the various forms, and to see an (extended) version of our audition tape, try Early version of the NERDS home page (www.the-nerds.org/NERDS/ in case the embedded HTML didn't work)

-- dp, organizer of The Nerds (dp@the-nerds.org), May 03, 2000


Team "Art Attack" from Eureka California. Home of Kinetic Sculpture Racing.... To see what a Kinetic Sculpture looks like check here>>>>> http://www.humboldt1.com/~flatmo/ kinetic.html

or here>>>> http://www.jpcudahy.com/ kinetic.html Photos of some of our Kinetic Racers here in California....See you soon on "Junkyard Wars!"

-- Duane Flatmo (flatmo@humboldt1.com), August 12, 2000.

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