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are we in college or what????? I cannot believe how low some of you have sinked!! Where are your prides??? Do you not have any? It is a great shame that we, as mature adults, are using this board as a way to attack someone annoymously! I can almost be sure this is the 1st freshmen class to do this! Aren't you ashamed of yourselves??? I mean c'mon! We gotta ahve some kind of pride coming in to the university, esspecially this one! We're not some lowlife organisms! I'm sure we can all be a little more mature and quit stabbing each other in the back! Keep the pride...if you ahve none, at least keep the school's pride and idgnity up, k????? If one single person, in this case the prof, can cause you to sink this low, than I have to say, you're not worth to be in college! College is a place where you fulfill your dreams and hopes, not a place where you stab your peers or professors in the back!! Moreover, I am positive there are more insane courses in the the way, why are we taking this course?? I'm sure no one is doing it as a elective, it's either part of their major or required course, isn't it? so then, if you don't like chem, than your major is not suitable for you...CHANGE YOUR MAJOR!!!! Or you're gonna suffer the rest of your life! I've said all I ahve to say, there is no point in continuing...I just hope we can all be a little more mature than to use this board as a stab in the back for those trying in the class!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, May 03, 2000


shut up !

-- Anonymous, May 03, 2000

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