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Hello all! I'm a former Nikon user, graduated to medium format, and sold all of my 35mm equipment to finance the move. My work is now expanding into an area that 35mm, with fully automated multiple cordless flash photography would be a great tool to add, so enter the E-TTL [?] of Cannon. I'm in a position to buy either way [Nikon or Canon] being as I have no 35mm equipment at present.

I have read the archives, and feel that the EOS1n would fulfill my needs body wise, but I need some clarification regarding compatibility, etc.

Is the ratio lighting feature of the 550EX speedlight or body specific? I have read the archives [lots of info!] and have not found where the 1n body falls in the A/B series category. From what I read, this only works on series A bodies.

I think this is a deciding factor for me. I like the 1n feature set and its' [what I assume to be] cleaner finder image over the EOS3 [45 visible focus points would only confuse my pea-brain]. But if I can't use the automated ratio lighting.... then a 1v?

FWIW, I am very comfortable with studio lighting [setting up ratio's, etc. manually] but would really like to be able to set up "quick" sets in difficult locations, thus E-TTL, so please no "buy a meter and shoot it in M mode", unless you just can't resist!

Thanks for your help!

-- JH (, May 03, 2000


The wireless TTL features of the 550EX are only available with the 3 or 1v only!

-- james simon (, May 03, 2000.

The 1n is a type B body, so none of the sophisticated stuff in the 550EX works with it. It simply reverts to TTL or A-TTL. Not only wont you get ratio lighting control, I don't believe you will even get remote TTL. The Elan II can at least do that, and you could control ratios by changing the relative flash distance.

If you want ratio control with remote TTL, you're stuck buying either a 1v or a 3.

For what it's worth, the 3's AF points don't show up in the finder unless they are active, so it really isn't much of a clutter until they find focus, and then only that one (or ones) light up. And you can reduce the possible active AF points to 9 or 1. Same on the 1v, but with another option of 7(?) points.

-- Jim Strutz (, May 03, 2000.

i have just bought an eos1nhs outfit. i am using sigma lenses,altough the cheap 24-70 is just that, cheap. as for flash i use the sunpack 4000 af zoom, bloody great bordering on the strong-a diffuser needed for close work. second curtain facility etc all the toys. I am a freelancer working any where i can find it, the cannon is a blast. e-mail me if i can help on anything rob

-- robert davies (, March 08, 2001.

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