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As of end of this TOD 2.76 will come out. In addition to this the MA will have NO EASY MODE any more.

You have been warned.


-- (, May 03, 2000



Isn't this going to be a surprise for those easy mode flyin, shoot and run, twist and jerk, complain and cry 190 dweebs!


-- chuck barnes (, May 04, 2000.

no EZ mode

Oh, Drat! :) Actually, I think I remember EZ mode preventing me from taking advantage of my plane's full abilities! Also, the "auto-trim" was a menace.

-- Andy "asm" Mereness (, May 05, 2000.

You'll never go back!

ASM, When I joined WBs about a year ago, I flew easy mode for a couple months before I even realized there was another flight model. I switched to "real" mode and had a terrible first week, until I got use to it. I've since went to the ACA a couple times and HATE it. The planes feel like mush to me now. In fact, in most planes, the guy flying easy mode will lose a 1 on 1 fight with a decent pilot in "real" mode. You are right, your plane responds quicker and you can really "ride the edge" of performance. Of course you can auger and die too..:) I like the P38 because it is such a fickled plane to it correctly and it is tough to it too hard and you'll spin your way into the ground. But most of the time, I'll beat the P38 driver flying in easy mode cause I can turn quicker, do hammer head turns and "effectively" trim my plane.

The only planes I think give you an unfair advantage in easy mode are the FW190 series. I is a hudge advantage not to have to worry about high speed stalls when flying in easy mode. And face it, 190 jocks usually don't worry about turning. It's hit and run.

I think you miss a big part of the fun of the SIM when you fly in easy mode. There's nothing like trying to bleed out the ounce of turn or speed without losing control. I must have spend several nights in "off-line" mode flying with easy mode disabled before I got the courage to jump into the MA.

See ya there! Tex

-- Tex (, May 09, 2000.

New Version

15 Mb download, jeez, just had to download it again at the weekend! Wont be on now for 2 weeks...on holiday :) Got my pc all working again so will be back on line after hols.

Am online at the mo in DOA if anyone wants to join me of an evening.

Cheers Bloom.

-- Bloomster (, May 10, 2000.


Absolutely Tex. I hate it when those 190s pull immelmans at 150mph without stalling. I just came from the MA and I am actually finding it much easier than usual. I wonder how many people used to fly easy mode and are now doing it the real way. Seems there was a few ....

Luv Fernsy

-- Fernsy (, May 10, 2000.

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