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Due to the complex profile of the users that are visiting the web site I think that it will introduce unnecessary confusion if we categorize users into "Medical Community" and "Users". Therefore, I suggest that we expose users to levels of information based on their interest level or capacity to understand. I will explain how we will do this later. To start with let us look at the concerns of users.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ WHAT ARE USER CONCERNS ?

So what are GENERAL customers worried about when it concerns a Coloplast product? * Feeling safe * That they are using a high quality and reliable product * Assurances from medical authorities * That they are using the best possible solution for their problem * Others users can confirm or recommend that product in the real world * AND things I haven't thought of yet

So what are the MEDICAL COMMUNITY customers looking for about when it concerns a Coloplast product? * Awards or validation * Comparisons and evidence that Coloplast's products are better than the competitors * Evidence from clinical and real world trials and usage tests * AND things I haven't thought of yet

What are Coloplast WEB SITE users concerned about? * That they can trust the advice they receive * They feel secure submitting personal data (email, address etc.) * AND things I haven't thought of yet

EVERYONE is concerned about the sustainability of Coloplast s' success. Therefore we need to heighten awareness concerning: * Logistics * Employee satisfaction * Customer satisfaction management * CQE * CE mark

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ SERVING THE RIGHT AMOUNT

Noboys wants to read pages of text when they only want an overview and nobody wants to receive a line or two when they really need an in-depth report. So how can we remedy this? By providing three tiers of information:

Page Levels explanation (SEE ATTACHMENT: needs.pdf): 1. Teaser title followed by summery. Example; [title] YOU are our inspiration! [summery] See how we learn from you when developing new products. click here... 2. Single page summarising the above teaser topic. Example; A page outlining Ideas & Concepts. Sub points; Focus groups, real world testing, etc. 3. In depth analysis covering each of the sub points outlined in tier no. 2. More appropriate for the medical community or informed users.

I envisage that the present Customers page be "needs" based leading to the level of information the user requires. The center piece should be link to a step-by-step guide that follows the production process of a typical Coloplast product. At any one point users can jump off to examine any one aspect in depth if they are particularly interested in that area.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ESTIMATE That is difficult to do, as we haven't decided yet how much you would like me to do and how much of the work will fall to Coloplast's internal capacity. Maybe I could break it down into parts so we can divide the work up:

1. Accumulating the text in a digital format, cleaned for html use 2. Collecting and scaling/cleaning up graphics ready for the web - time needed depends speed of internal staff

3. Layout design 4. Producing any new graphical elements to support the layout 5. Copywriting text based on the existing Coloplast material - If all the text and graphics are delivered ready-to-use, then I estimate a weeks work. possibly less if we decide not to do an very in-depth coverage of all points. I actually don't know, but I am very honest in reporting my time so don't worry I never over charge for my time.

6. Implementing the text and graphics onto the web (Notes) 7. Proofing (not me) 8. Further modifications - I guess these things will need to be done in-house on the Notes server.

-- Anonymous, May 03, 2000

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