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After reviewing the recent developments in Coloplast's Internet strategy, we both agreed that the existing web site needs to make radical changes from a primarily "brochure" type site to a site based on customers needs. However, as we are already progressing with those developments we will need to coordinate any customer care suggestions with Mikaels Internet team. In the mean time we have agreed to improve the existing Customer care area, which will be a bridge to any future customer care functionality.

The following points were established:

1. To rename the Customer icon to Customer care 2. To remove all existing pages under the Customer section

3. To replace the old area with the following pages: 3a. Customer care main page. Serving as a hub for customers questions. 3b. Production presentation entitled "From Us to You." Six page slide show "Idea birth to finished product." 3c. Six pages outlining the following areas: Ideas, development, manufacturing, quality analysis, environment, distribution. Each page to be a summery of the existing brochure material in an easy to digest form.

4. A Colplast employee name with email link is to be at the bottom of every page. This could also be a comments link which would allow users to add a comment or question.

5. On the main hub page there would be a field allowing users to ask questions. This would prompt them for their email address. Once submitted an auto responder would send them a review of their question via email with the note that Coloplast will respond within one working day.

6. All questions would be reviewed monthly and common questions would be added to the main hub page.

7. In the future each of the pages discussed in point 3c would have links to more detailed pages. These pages would examine in-depth the various aspects of those areas. These would also available in a single "print-ready" format.

-- Anonymous, May 03, 2000

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