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Notes concerning Coloplast's Corporate homepage including repercussions for subsidiaries:

1. Pictograms to be reconsidered. Size, design and colour to be evaluated in light of any changes in the overall graphical design on the proposed evolved web site.

2. URLs to stand alone. Users should always know where they are. If they jump directly to a Coloplast web page (either via a bookmark, link from an external site, etc.) without navigating from the home page they should be able to see where they are and where they can navigate to.

3. Establish consitent navigation standards - i.e. all links blue and underlined, graphical links to have consistent form and colour, etc.

4. Lowest browser platform supported are Netscape 4.x and I.E 4.x

5. A Site Map link be added on every page allowing users to jump to a contents page.

6. Improve navigation. Use a "Bread Crumbs" naviagtion together with drop down menues.

7. User resolution supported of 800 by 600. Actual area available to site content is closer to 780 by 410.

8. Content rich pages (typically level 3) are to have a "Print this document" and "Send this document to a friend" link.

9. Updates, daily content additions and general administration should be possible for Coloplast personnel within their Lotus Notes environment. All page design should take this into considderation.

10. In connection with point no. 9, the site design should strive to be modular or template based allowing users to choose from a limited selection of layouts to position text and graphical elements.

11. To ensure a consistent design identity and brand harmony, we should strive to use design elements from existing Coloplast brochure and packaging material.

12. All web pages to have a bottom bar. This will contain necessary items such as: Go to top; Home; Site Map. However, a search field will not be necessary here.

13. It should be remembered that we will need to migrate the existing site to the proposed new design design. This will mean that we might need to stagger any developments to allow subsidiaries time to adjust.

-- Anonymous, May 03, 2000

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