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I did the CALM because he said he was giving credit, credit that i need. So to change your mind about CALM and credit and how much credit after it is already done is being unfair to those that did it. Wouldnt you say?? Lets say this is not chem. Lets say its history, and the professor says those that write an extra paper will recieve x number extra credit, and most of the class didnt do it, but a good number did do it, and to find out at the end that your paper that was promised x points will only be worth x-10 number of points because those that didnt do the paper are complaining.. This is completely not fair. And for those that are anti CALM credit, put yourself into the shoes of the person that did that extra history paper. and we'll see how much you complain about credit.. thanks..

good luck again on the finals

-- Anonymous, May 03, 2000


Is there any partial credit for CALM, (I've heard from sources above that there would not be any). Many people were unaware of the last CAlm ASSIGNMENT AND were out of town on a track meet. The last assignment was a joke, it was multiple choice. Does it disqualify us from credit??

-- Anonymous, May 03, 2000

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