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I have downloaded a standalone vcd player (I-ON VCDPlayer Ver 1.0). Anyone knows how to include this vcd player to WinoCD PE 3.7 so that my vcd will autorun this program whenever I play my VCD disk to any PC's?

-- Ismael (, May 03, 2000


You have to make an autorun ini file which links to the exe file in the program files sub directory ie i use power dvd so you create the ini file in notepad and it would go like this

[autirun] open=C:\program files\power dvd\ powerdvd.exe

its that simple when you save this call it autorun.ini when you burn a cd include this file in the cd.

-- helpfull dodger (, June 19, 2001.

gostaria de um excutavel para meus vcds

-- jorge balieiro da silva neto (, January 14, 2004.

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