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I am putting together a list of people who would like to go-haffers on an order of 8x10 Kodak Infra Red Film, which has the same specs as the 4 x 5.

Yes, Kodak will cut this beautiful stuff in 8 x 10 sheets!

Badger Graphics, an excellent photo wholesale/retail house in Wisconsin with whom I do business, advises that it will sell a box of 25 sheets at its actual cost of $209.51 per box plus its actual shipping expenses, so you can figure a price somewhere between $217.00 to $223.00 per box, depending on where you live and how you want it shipped.

However, Kodak requires a minimum order of 53 boxes.

Badger will take several boxes for itself and its employees. I will take two boxes.

If you are interested, please e-mail me at

If enough people advised me that they are interested, I will follow through. Guy K. Stewart, Jr., (305) 4

-- Guy K. Stewart, Jr. (, May 02, 2000

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