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Hello experts,

This is my first attempt at creating a video cd and I need a little help. My ligos encoder creates my NTSC video cd(.mpg), then I burn it to cdr with my HP software and 8200 cdrw. But it wont play on my brand new sony s330. What is the adaptec easy cd-creator? Is it just software to burn a cdr like my HP 8200 software? Any suggestions welcome.



-- Brian Mckee (, May 02, 2000


update, it turns out that my software for my HP 8200 cdrw is adaptec easy cd version 3.5b. But I still cant get my video cd to play in my sony DVD/video cd player. Am I missing a step? I am just burning my .mpg to the CDR. Is there a videoCD setting in the adaptec software?

thanks Brian

-- Brian Mckee (, May 02, 2000.

You should try CD-RW instead of CD-R. Sony DVD player usually takes CD-RW. CD-RW works on my Sony DVD player, too. Good luck.

-- K. Wong (, May 02, 2000.

Question: are you using Easy CD Creator or Video CD Creator? In order to create a VCD, you *must* use VCDC, not ECDC. Looks into the Advanced features folder.

-- Jean-Luc Picard (, May 02, 2000.


you are correct. I am using "easy cd creator". Is "video cd creator" a separate software package? I can't find anything for video cd in my easy cd creator version 3.5c.



-- Brian Mckee (, May 02, 2000.

First you need EZCD Creator Deluxe. Not the limited version usually shipped with products as value added software. EZCD "Deluxe" includes several additional programs one of which is EZCD Video Creator. This is a VCD authoring software package. Making a "real" VCD is not as simple as copying the Mpeg files to a CD. That results in only a "data" CD with the data consisting of an Mpeg file. Just like it would exist on your hard drive.

When "authoring" a true VCD there are many advanced things done by the software. One of which is to turn the Mpeg file into a VCD *.DAT type file so the VCD can index it and VCD/DVD players can use it during decoding.

Now after you are able to finally burn a proper VCD, you still might find that your DVD stand alone set top player may NOT play it. Some do and some don't. It has to do with the laser reader's wavelength and the CD's reflectivity. The older Sony players had dual lasers. One that one optimised for commercial media (DVD and commercially pressed VCD) and the other for CDR (consumer CD media). But the newer Sony's have gone away from that technique and most are now single laser pickups. If you want to find out which players play what type of discs check this web site out.

Hope this helps ...

-- Rich (, May 02, 2000.

The Sony S330 doesn't play CD-Rs.

Check CNET user opinions: ptable=DVD_Players&PID=1000099

If you really want to get into VCDs, get a Raite 715. It's made to play VCDs well. Some people will suggest the Pioneer 525. I have the Pioneer 525 and the Raite 715 and the Raite is a better player for VCDs in my opinion.

-- Michael S. Gilmore (, May 03, 2000.

Return your Sony to the store and get a recent Pioneer or Philips instead.

-- EMartinez (, May 06, 2000.

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