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To Whom it may concern, I am very troubled about The Drug testing program in the sense that, I observed a union member under the influence of drugs on a job-site, I reported it to the workers chain of command fully expecting the individual in question be removed from the worksite. Due to my strong belief and experiences in the past in other trades that an individual under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol is a Hazard not only to oneself but all others around the work area. In the interum that individual continued to work at the site after I reported it. I was very disappointed to say the least and would like to know what the appropriate action is if it should happen again. additionally I would like to know what the written Law concerning this subject matter is. Please help? I chose this trade after retiring from the Army and started stick framing houses, Non-Union of course, the entire crew to include the lead man would get stoned on break,Things happen and people get hurt! One of those clowns Dropped a sheet of OSB on my head And Darned near broke my neck, That was my last day working with that outfit! I think the Union is great and I am proud to belong to an organization of professionals, Additionally I would like to thank all of the Instructors for taking time away from their families to teach folks like me under the Apprentiship program. I know that going Union was the right choice it helps to replace the structured past I came from and I will do my best to uphold the professionalism and attitude. We're all in this together Thanks!!!!! Sincerely, Dale E. Jenkins SFC USA Retired

-- Dale Eugene Jenkins (, May 02, 2000


Brother Jenkins,

I would like to publish your letter in the letters to the editor of the Carpenter newspaper. Say, are you Dale Jenkins out of Local 131 Seattle? Who are you working for? I also came out of single family- have you worked under the $20/hr scale framing?

Thanks a lot for your thoughts on an important subject. I'll ask one of our reps, perhaps Ole Oleson who led the negotiations for a standardized drug testing policy to answer your question about whether a person can be removed and what the written law (I'm assuming you mean union contract) says about this.

UNITY- Clark Gilman, Organizer

-- Clark Gilman (, May 07, 2000.

Clark, I am a member of Local 1144 of Seattle, and I work for GL Systems Inc., I am currently a 2nd Bracket Apprentice under The LADS Program. I have 20 years of Supervisory experience as an enlisted man in the Light Infantry, and since childhood have always had a strong interest in the Arts or Construction Trades. The LADS program is the only formal training other than Jr. High and High School Industrial Arts. I appreciate your response and show of concern in reference to drugs on the job-site. I think that some policy change is necessary in the way an individual under the influence is dealt with. I have spoken with two staff members from the Tech. School and was told about some legal issues concerning this subject ie...Imediatly removing the individual from the jobsite, Well I have this to say about it. Go ahead let the individual remain on the work site, then when the individual hurts or kills oneself or others then where does the legality lie? Who's responsible? Why was'nt appropriate action taken to eliminate the Hazard I could go on and on but will cease due to fear of being redundant< Clark I feel very strongly about this and There should be no tolerence at all! Thanks Again!!! (additional note* I do not want to be called a whistle Blower because that is not what I am about besides if you can't piss clean stay home! Dale E. Jenkins

-- Dale Eugene Jenkins (, May 08, 2000.

Dale, You talk about drugs but what about alcohol? Isee so many guys come in hung over, stinking like alcohol on our union jobs wecolcome to the construction world. Unlike you I started out framing right out of high school, The union isnt a force in framing and its everyones fault both the unions and the men. And to this day we dont approach framing like we should, you should of stayed in the military, but I bet you want a pension? I watch guys come in and tell how much they drank the night before almost on a daily basis, and guess what they do heavy constuction! AS far as Medicinial Marijuana well get used to it its here just like Bud and Coors bro you may not like it its the way of the world, and YES the Union needs to update, get newschool or whatever. 10% of the work is not cutting it and for you to rip on the resisdential, Ive heard that too (all those guys smoke pot, they cant pass a drug test),whatever I just got back from the tracks bro and theres hundreds of guys working,and I cant even get our local to do ONE day of education to these guys, and then to see this on our web site. I dont care what you say about this or me, I know this the companies that Ive had to piss for are the big dead weight companies that you are a employee number for,Ive had some of these guys piss on my back! Construction isnt PRETTY, SORRY you feel this way about drugs I kinda feel the same way about the framing not getting the exposure it deserves, and hey our Apprenticeship I heard is close down here, consider yourself lucky I noticed you are already retired,Its hard for me to accept , that we arent going to let more carpenters in the program. I dont consider you the future, just someone wanting another pension, Hopefully you went back to that contractor and showed him our benefit package or at least the men. Did you know you can be bummed up a period?, I suggest that so that you make room for some younger guys that dont already have a pension, like the guy that I saw in my hall this week, that we had to tell him theres no work, no openings in the program, I bet hes younger than you! So my spelling isnt correct, Its just like our world. Please hurry up and journey out to make room for the future. Ed Phillips 1273

-- Ed Phillips (, March 13, 2001.

In Response to Phillips bigED,Sorry you feel that way! Buddy I've had numerous conversations on this subject and at times I think I was reacting to my anger at the situation, whatever the case that doesn't justify your throwing darts at me for being retired from the military and accusing me of chasing after another pension. I worked very hard to attain that pension and don't owe you an apology for it! I have the utmost respect for the Old boys in the trades and anyone in the brotherhood and will carry my own weight, when I am no longer capable of doing so I will bow out, until then expect to see me out there putting in my time!!!!! Cause I'll be Danged If I'll let anyone carry me! respectfully Dale E Jenkins Semi-retired

-- Dale E. Jenkins (, March 14, 2001.

Sorry myself to you Dale, You also got some of my anger too. I really do hate having rage against my own machine but I consider myself one of the younger guys and I have since not written any more letters. Do you understand where I'm coming from though the apprenticeship program is closed down here and to me its unacceptable. To tell you the truth Dale I look forward to getting vested and doing something else because I want to be progressive not oldschool. Oldschool is ok when it works and we need to stay current. Yes I probably shouldnt of said the things thatn I said but I'd like the web site to have a modern rep. Did you go back out to that framing job? And as to looking prfessional or needing a structured future our country was founded on Freedom abd our right to free speach. I hope you are working I haven't for 4 months just like most of the guys at 1273. As to throwing darts I'm sorry you should see me I look like the dart board myself. I promise no more negative stuff Good Luck Ed Phillips

-- Ed Phillips (, April 03, 2001.

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